"As good or better than original at half the price"


For as long as we've been in business (2008) we've noticed CEREC and inLab MC XL grinding burs are "expensive". That's why we're introducing our own, new line of 12S burs for MC XL at half the price of the originals. Our burs are "Made in Germany" so you don't need to worry whether these are quality burs. They will last as long, or longer, than the original burs.







What are DCC-Branded Products?
Cost-effective substitutes for original, high-utilization consumables with same or better quality.

How are they made?
All DCC-branded products are sourced from reputable dental manufacturers only, and then subjected to our clinical Beta testing.

Why is DCC making their own products?
We believe dentists are best served when they have supply-chain choices.